Method Dish Washing Start Kit (Citrus Grove)
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Method Dish Washing Start Kit (Citrus Grove)

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  • METHOD DISH SOAP 2-Pack Bundle Consists of 2 Large (18oz) Bottles of Method Dish Soap, 1 Zentious Soap Dispensing Palm Brush and a 8" x 8" Microfiber Cleaning Cloth from Zentious
  • PLEASANT SCENTED Cleaning Products Leave Just the Faintest Hint of Fragrance When Used – Everything Smells Clean and Fresh!
  • BIODEGRADABLE, Non-Toxic, Plant Based Formulations from Method Cut Through Grease and Grime in No Time Flat. All Bottles Sealed with The Gripper Tape to Help Avoid Leakage During Shipping
  • DISPATCH GREASE However You Choose! Use the Zentious Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, Squirt onto a Sponge, a Pan, or Directly into the Sink – As with ALL Grime, Some Scrubbing Required.
  • WASHABLE, REUSABLE Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by Zentious Prevents Used Paper Towels from Ending Up in a Landfill! Think Green! Think Reusable!