The Snacks You Need for Your Next Netflix Marathon


The moment has finally arrived. Netflix just dropped the newest season of your favorite show, you've blocked off a Saturday and told your family that
you are not to be disturbed under any circumstances, but you still need that final ingredient for a perfect marathon- SNACKS!

I'm of the opinion that pretty much everything is better with a snack and a cup of coffee. But when it comes to an all-day marathon of Tiger King, they are absolutely required.

It's not as simple as grabbing the first few things you see in the cupboard. In order to have the best day ever, you must stockpile the perfect blend of sweet, salty, and savory so your taste buds are as happy as your eyes.

Don't go wandering the grocery aisles in search of marathon-worthy snacks. We've been hard at work taste testing and have found the perfect options for every palate.

If you click a link below, you get a great product and I get a small commission. It's a win-win for everyone. Of course, I wouldn't recommend something unless I absolutely loved it.


We'll start with a traditional movie theater snack. It's great to chew on a Twizzler or Sour Patch Kid, but here are some options that your sweet tooth will love.

Brightside/ Darkside Skittles

I'm sorry but these were just made to eat during a Star Wars marathon. Fine, fine, fine! It's bright side, not the light side, but close enough. Grab this sharing-size combo pack and put out a bowl of each and let your family choose which side they will  be on.

Maple Goodies

If you're binging Anne with an "E" right now, then you need to bring a little Canada into your home. What better way than these Maple goodies? They are the perfect combination crunch and chew. Plus, the maple flavor will have you longing for Prince Edward Island.

Almond M&Ms

Of course, if you don't need a themed snack then stick with a classic. Almond M&Ms are the perfect combination a sweet and salty. You can get enough to share in this pack or just keep them all to yourself. We won't judge. 


When you have the munchies though, what you really need is some crunch! Here are some crunchy snacks who don't disappoint on flavor either.

Chex Mix

Chex Mix has been popular at parties forever. It's perfect for your party of one! You can go with this homemade Wasabi version if you want a little spice, but the key to a great binge-session snack is variety. I love this 4 flavor variety pack to give all your taste buds a treat. 

Pirate Booty

Here is another twist on the classic movie snack--popcorn! I have one complaint about popcorn and that is kernels. None of that in Pirate Booty. Plus the aged cheddar flavor is amazing! Best of all you won't even have to pause your show to pop it in the microwave. Just grab and enjoy!

Pretzel Crisps

There is nothing wrong with a pretzel, but when they thinned them down, Pretzel Crisps took the humble pretzel to a whole other level. That crispiness is perfection. And with so many flavors to choose from you won't be disappointed.


There is no rule that says all marathon-worthy snacks can't also be healthy. The key is not to compromise flavor for calories. These snacks definitely deliver on both.

Emerald's Nuts

One of my biggest problems when it comes to eating healthy is portion control. These 100 calorie packs are the perfect solution. You can get Emeralds nuts natural, roasted or even with some dried fruit. They'll provide that salty crunch you're craving. 

Cashew Crisps

Cashew Crisps are a new find for me. These crispy, sweet treats come in Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel, and Vanilla. They are sweet, but because they use cashews so you won't get the sugar crash after. The chocolate ones taste just like Coco Puffs, but the vanilla is my favorite.

Dried Fruit

Even as an adult, I still love fruit snacks and gummies, but let's face it. There is no fruit anywhere to be found. Dried fruit is a great alternative for some chewy sweet goodness. I love the tropical options the Mavano Harvest offers.

What are you waiting for?

You are ready for a marathon (of sitting on your couch, of course) Grab your snacks, a cozy blanket, and the remote. This is going to be good. Not sure what to watch? Be on the lookout for my guide pairing the best snack of best shows streaming right now.